Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I've been meaning to catch up on Max and Claire posts.  I've been awful at taking pics lately - hoping to change that!

Claire:  Such a priss and full of attitude.  Justin says she gets it from me....
She is very bossy. And hilarious.  I want to write down the funny things she says, but most of it is funny because of her facial expressions or hand movements.  One could often find her walking around with her "phone" having a conversation or taking pictures of her baby dolls.  I love watching her be a "mommy" to her dolls.  She will be a great Mom one day!

She loves to dance and sing.  I am amazed at all the songs she has learned and can sing on her own!  She can count to 20, although she says "fiveteen" instead of fifteen!!  She is great with letters.  She usually recognizes the first letter in most words. "C" is for Claire.  "M" is for Max.  "T" is for Trevor.  "G" is for Grandpa.....  She also likes to match colors and play memory games.

She is potty trained!  She still wears diapers at nap and night, but does great during the day.  She has been doing great since September (32 months).  Does a good job sleeping in big girl bed.  Goes to sleep by herself at nap, but wants me to lay down with her at night.

November 2012
What a difference a year makes!
November 2013

Max:  Still a Mama's boy!  He can be the sweetest little boy or crazy temper tantrum toddler.  He loves to cuddle with me.  Playing with daddy is a lot of fun.  He likes to build forts and hide and try to scare me while playing with daddy.  Loves to be outside.  Collects leaves, finds bugs, play ball and ride his bike.  All boy except when he wants us to paint his nails like Claire.  Barney is a part of our everyday life.  Morning time routine must include Barney and we watch the same shows 284957 times.

He likes to sing.  Last night he wanted to sing our nighttime prayer, along with our other bedtime songs by his self (and did a great job)! Sometimes I don't recognize how much he knows because he can't get a word out around Claire.  He is also great at counting, memory games and ABCs.  I'm very proud of him.

Just last week he started going to school in big boy underwear! (34 months) We have had a few accidents, but that usually happens when he is playing and doesn't want to stop.  He even goes pee pee standing up.  It's the cutest thing.  (yes, I just said that was cute!)  Nap and Bedtime can be tough.  He doesn't like to sleep by himself.  I lay down with him 95% of the time.  That is something I swore I would never do.....  It was so easy to let them cry it out (CIO) when they were in cribs.  You knew they were safe and couldn't go anywhere.  Now, he (they) can get out of bed whenever.  I bought child locks for the door and he figured them out!  Work in progress!

November 2012
Oct. 2013

Nov. 2013
While this age has proven to be a struggle (for me), it is also so much fun.  I love watching them grow and learn everyday.  So proud of them and the little people they are becoming!

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