Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Toddler Wish List

I am so excited for Christmas this year.  Max and Claire are starting to understand Santa and are already looking forward to Gary the Elf to make his appearance!  I've started some of their shopping, but still have more to do.

Claire's wish list:
Hello Kitty Doll
All things Princess
Baby Stella accessories
Rain Boots
Princess Beauty Tote
Dress up clothes
Princess movie

Our Diva!

Max's wish list
Tool Set  I've already bought him a tool set at Costco, but now I'm leaning more towards the work bench.  He loves helping Justin "fix" things in the house - especially if it involves tools!
Super heroes
Police Car
Peter Pan movie

Some other items we are looking at include:  Nabi2 and a Balance Bike

I'm trying to be more organized this year to keep track of what I've bought and how much I've spent ;)

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