Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa: Past and Present

I really had high hopes for Santa pictures this year!  We've been talking about him, reading about him and even went to see Mrs. Claus.

But little did I know, they would turn out the same as the past two years!

2012: Claire was kicking so I immediately picked her up!

2012: Where is Santa?
Claire was on board and was so close to sitting and telling him what she wanted for Christmas, then Max started crying.  The moment he started, she started wailing!  Santa made sure to let us know that they (especially Claire) had a nice set of lungs!  We finally tricked some of the kids by hiding Santa behind the curtain, setting the kids in the chair, then bringing him back out behind the chair.  Worked much better!
much better!

Today I finished up all but Justin's Christmas stocking.  It feels good to be finished, however now I'm going to have a hard time keeping my mouth quiet.  I love giving gifts - can't wait to see the kids on Christmas morning!!

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