Wednesday, January 22, 2014

36 Months

Today is Max and Claire's third birthday!  I'm having a hard time believing it has been three years, 36 months makes three sound younger ;).  It feels like yesterday we were struggling with infertility - and now we have two beautiful and healthy three year olds!

They are little people now.  With LOTS of personality.

Last night I had them take a picture in their green rocker in their bedroom.  That is where I did all their monthly pictures.  It's amazing how much they have grown!

Last night as a two year old :(
January 2013
January 2012
We had a fun filled day, today.  We went to starbucks (they get a vanilla steamed milk), Max got a hair cut in a police car, saw their first movie in a theater (Frozen), and went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner!

Hopefully tomorrow I can put up individual post :)

Happy Birthday to my favorite three year olds!!


  1. I hope they had a fabulous birthday!! It really did go by so fast?!?!

  2. Happy happy birthday!! That sounds like a wonderful birthday for two very special three year olds! I always love seeing pictures of them together, they look like best of friends.

  3. Happy Birthday to the cutest 3 year old twins I've ever seen!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, kiddos!! I always think about the future, and the one thing I hope to have someday is the first theater experience with my kids...such an amazing time :)
    Hope you guys enjoy the day!!