Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Party, like it's your Birthday!

A few weeks ago, Max and Claire had their third birthday party.  We rented out the clubhouse to the pool where we are members.  It was a nice open space where the kids could run around, play with balls, balloons and eat cake!

We hired a balloon artist (was supposed to do face painting, but that never happened).  M and C love balloons, especially when someone has twisted them into a sword or bracelet!

We didn't have one theme, but let them each choose something they liked.. Max chose Mike, from Monster's University and Claire chose Hello Kitty.

Birthday girl and boy!

I still have a hard time saying they are "3".  They are so much fun (and work) and they have become quite the comideans!


  1. Looks like our boys have the same taste in party themes!! :)

  2. Good idea having the party somewhere else! I think that's the direction we will go, at least if we have another party for Chloe.

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