Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fun activities and staying busy!

TGIF! I feel like this week has dragged on and on!  It may be because we are trying to drop Max and Claire's afternoon nap.  It's kind of a tough decision.  They still wake up pretty early (recently around 6:45) and can take a two hour nap.  The problem is they end up staying awake until 9, sometimes 9:30.  That's a long day!  Max does pretty well without a nap, Claire on the other hand, not so great.  If we have quiet time, she falls asleep.

Anywho, so this week we have been doing lots of activities and different things to stay busy and not nap.

Monday we went to a Strawberry Farm.  It was HOT, but the strawberries are so good!  They were done after about five minutes, but had fun.

2014  Claire dressed herself.  Why wouldn't you want to wear a sweatshirt when it is 90 outside?!

2014:  Max did a great job picking his berries!
We had some fun in the sprinkler!  They came outside while I was watering flowers and ended up in the sprinkler!

Fun in undies!
Play dates with our buddies!

And today, in the rain, we went to pet wild animals! I'm not sure how it all came about, but there was a free exhibit of monkeys, goats, ponies, llamas, baby tiger, kangaroo and a camel!  Max was very brave and fed the goats and they both rode the ponies!


this is big for Claire to do!
As much fun as this was for us, I feel bad for the animals in the cages :(

So, without nap, these kiddos are in bed by 7:15!! Hoping for a good night's sleep!


  1. Lots of fun! It's hit or miss on if Chloe actually sleeps during her nap time, but since she's still in her crib we at least get an hour or two of quiet time for us because she happily plays in there. I know once we get rid of the crib naps will not happen so easily anymore. :(

  2. I used to run outside in the rain with my brother in just undies as just don't see kids doing it anymore. I think it's our society and their weirdness about stuff like that, but glad to see some kids still enjoying playing in the near buff! :)