Friday, October 24, 2014

Secret Revealed!

I am so happy to finally be able to post this secret! Justin and I are expecting #3! I am officially 12 weeks today, with a due date of May 8th!

It has been a long couple of weeks! Unlike my easy 1st trimester with Max and Claire, this time around I have been nauseous most of the time.  I've had so many aversions to smell and food. Thankfully it is starting to ease up on me!

This is the face I got when I told them I was having a baby!
I don't think Max and Claire really understood what I was telling them.  Later that night I tried explaining again and Claire doesn't believe me because I am not showing!  I still have to pinch myself. Hard to believe I am actually pregnant.  After my ectopic pregnancy back in March, I have been a mess.  My anxiety has been super high in between appointments, but happy to report this little pumpkin is doing great!

Since I lost my tubes in the ectopic pregnancy, our only option for #3 was a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET).  Thankfully, we had four frozen embryos from when we did IVF with Max and Claire. We only transferred ONE embryo ;)

Next project: Moving! We are outgrowing our current house and will be on the market around Spring next year. We decided to stay in our house until #3 arrives and will make the space work until we find/build a new house!  This weekend we are filling boxes and deciding what furniture can go ahead and go in a storage unit.

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