Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Festivities

This past week has been full of Halloween fun!  Max and Claire have enough candy to last the year!  Last Sunday, we had a dinner at Starmount Country Club followed by haunted "house" and hayride.

Max was the Red Power Ranger (only bc they didn't have his size in spiderman!) and Claire was a Mermaid.

Wednesday they went to the trunk or treat at their school.  I can't remember the last time I went to a trunk or treat - it was really cool!  There were some very creative trunks!  This night Claire decided she wanted to be a cheerleader.  I think it was a lot more comfortable then the mermaid costume.

Thursday their school had a Halloween parade.  The kids looked so cute in their costumes!
3yr old class
Lastly, Halloween night!  We went over to the Gill's house - ate, kids played in bounce house, then hit the streets for some trick or treating!

They had so much fun with their friends!

Today I " bought" their candy from them.  Told them I would buy them a small toy from Target if I could have all their candy.  Justin will take it to his work.  They don't need that much sugar and I don't need to be tempted ;)

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  1. Look at all those cute kiddos! Last year was our first experience with a trunk or treat and really liked it too. We went to the same one this year and there were about half as many cars so it went pretty quick. It's nice to do that ahead of time so you don't have to spend too much time on Halloween trick or treating and can stay home to hand out candy (at least for us it was a great way to meet our new neighbors!) :)