Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cute little nose!

This morning I got to see our little #3!  Her little nose is so cute and looks very similar to Max and Claire's did on ultrasound!

Speaking of Max and Claire... they got to go to the u/s with me this morning.  Sadly, the stomach bug hit our house.  Max was sick last night and Claire had a fever.  U/S was at 8:30 this morning so Justin was already at work and I didn't want to ask mom to come over that early, or infect her with our germs.  Luckily, both kids felt much better this morning and behaved so nicely while at the doctor!  It was really cool that they were able to see their sister moving all around!!
That may have been my last ultrasound :(  I was secretly hoping she wouldn't move the way they wanted her to so I could come back for another u/s! no such luck! BUT glad everything is looking good!

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