Sunday, December 21, 2014


How far along? 20 weeks!
Weight Gain: ugh.. 16 lbs
Cravings: Not much... just enjoying eating all this wonderful holiday food (see above!)
Symptoms: Feeling good! Just have to pee a lot!
What I miss: Wine :) and big cardio workouts
What I look forward to: I have an u/s Tuesday.  Also, really looking forward to feeling her move!

I'm definitely showing!  I feel like I am growing EVERYWHERE! 

This weekend, the four of us built a gingerbread house.  The kids really enjoyed it!  Max's favorite part was the candy.

Kids also enjoyed having hot chocolate!  
Claire left the table about 10 minutes into the decorating. She went to lay down and ended up sleeping for almost two hours.  She has been complaining about her tummy hurting and not feeling well.  I really hope she is not getting the stomach bug.  Both of our stomachs were hurting today, and again, she took a nap (3hrs) and didn't eat much.
Really hoping for a healthy Christmas!

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