Sunday, January 11, 2015

23 weeks

I haven't been very good at posting weekly updates of #3.  Speaking of which... #3 still doesn't have a name.  It will be nice when we can call her by name!

21 weeks
How far along? 23 weeks
Weight Gain? 20 lbs .... yikes!
Cravings? Nope, love it all!
Movement? Finally, although I wish I could feel her more!
Symptoms? I have had increased pressure down there and is most uncomfortable when I get up in the morning - which I think is weird!
Sleep? Pretty good.  It takes a long time to go back to sleep if I have to get up to pee or if I'm called into Max and Claire's room.
Best Moment over the past weeks? feeling movement
What I look forward to? Next appointment (1.5 weeks away)

23 weeks
I don't think these pictures do my size justice.  I will say my butt is getting huge.  I'm not a fan. I feel stumpy.  I have been trying to get to the gym at least four days a week. Mostly walking.  It's my down time and I can get lots of reading done.  I did try my favorite kick class last Monday.  I modified by squatting instead of doing the jumps.  It felt good to do something besides walking!

23 weeks with Max and Claire

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  1. I think you look fantastic, and we are all our worst critics of course. I wonder if the added pressure is worse with subsequent kids? For me it definitely was and I have another friend who is pregnant (with twins) now who has commented about it also. You are awesome for getting to the gym four times a week! Wow!!