Sunday, January 18, 2015

Six months!

Friday started the beginning of my 24th week.  I feel like six months sounds a lot further along so that's what I'm going with! Besides this awful, lingering cold, I have been feeling great.

24 w 2d
How far along? 24 w 2d
Weight Gain? binge weekend... 22 lbs!
Cravings? nope! like it all!
Sleep? besides coughing all night, it's good!  actually wore Justin's UP band last night and it said I slept a lot better than I thought I do!
Symptoms? Hips are starting to hurt a little and still have a lot of pressure down there
What I look forward to? Appointment this week!

We still haven't picked out a name and it's driving me crazy! 


  1. Six months does sound far along!! Is it going by fast for you or do the weeks seem to drag? I call BS on you gaining 22 pounds, your bump is so cute and little! You look fantastic and hide it well! :)

  2. I can't believe you're six months already! You look great :)