Sunday, February 8, 2015

27 Weeks

Friday marked 27 weeks!  This pregnancy is just now starting to feel like it is going quickly.  I've been feeling great, except for getting another cold.  I'm over this weather and so ready for Spring!

27 weeks
How far along? 27 weeks
Weight gain? eh.. goes up and down a few lbs depending on the day.  prob. +26 (yikes)
Symptoms? Just a lot of pelvic pressure
Cravings? still love it all. I feel like I have been having to many splurges so I bought lots of veggies and healthier options at the store today.

Movement? Lots :)
What I look forward to? I have an appointment this Thursday.. the GLUcose test.  Yuck!
What I miss?  This isn't a miss, but I am really feeling large.  I'll look forward to feeling thinner in a few months!

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