Monday, February 16, 2015

Third Trimester!

Hello, third trimester!!  Things are starting to get real! And by real, I mean we are scheduling c-section date and getting everything worked out with the hospital!  I had really wanted to try a VBAC, but I have chickened out and have scheduled the c-section.  May 4th could be #3's birthday! I wouldn't be upset if she came a little earlier.  Claire has been asked to be a flower girl in Justin's cousin's wedding on May 30th.  It makes me super nervous to travel (NC to NJ) with such a new baby.

Last Thursday I had the dreaded glucose test.  It wasn't as bad as I had remembered -- maybe bc they added fruit punch as a flavor?  Good news is, I passed!

After glucose test, I met with Dr. Cousins, heard heart beat and talked about scheduling c-section.  I thought she would mention weight gain, but she is happy with everything!  She did check my cervix and it was all good..  I was nervous bc I was on bed rest at this time with Max and Claire bc of preterm labor and my cervix shortening.  Now that we have entered third trimester, I will have appointments every two weeks!

28 weeks
How far along?  28 weeks, measuring 30 weeks
Weight gain?  27 lbs
Symtoms? sciatica pain, pelvic pressure
Movement?  Lots and I love it!
Cravings? like it all, especially something sweet!
What I look forward to? ultrasound next week!
What I miss?  running and wine!

We still don't have a name.  It's driving me nuts.  We have picked a few that we like, but have a hard time with middle name.  I like one name, Justin likes the other... and then there is the opinion of others, that I am trying not to listen to :) I know whatever name we choose, will fit her perfectly!

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  1. Lots of plans falling into place it sounds like. The name will come, but I know it's frustrating when you feel like you keep going round and round with them.