Monday, March 2, 2015

30 weeks!

I'm a few weeks behind, but here I am... 30 WEEKS! Really have a hard time believing that there is only two more months left until we meet #3.  The first trimester, and really, the first 20 weeks dragged and I thought they would never end.
So here I am....

I had a meeting tonight and the responses to my growing belly made me laugh.  Some people didn't even realize I have been pregnant, then the others that knew I was, really commented on how much I had popped!  I have had a growth spurt!

How far along? 30.5 weeks
Weight Gain? 29/30 lbs
Cravings?  Pimento cheese with wheat thins and chocolate chip cookies with milk!
Symptoms? Pelvic pressure and swelling
Sleep? Not too bad
What I miss? besides wine (hello snow and being stuck inside for two weeks), feeling good!
What I look forward to? deciding on a name!

The next two months are going to fly by.  I have a huge desire to start nesting, but we are putting our house on the market... probably this weekend.  As of right now, I am not sure what house will we be in when #3 comes home.  Stressing me out just a bit!

I did have an u/s last week.  Because it was snow day, Max and Claire tagged along. Claire is very interested in her baby sister and her being able to go really meant a lot to her!  #3 definitely looks like she is going to have same nose as her brother and sister!

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  1. That does sound stressful to be getting things in order to put your house on the market and move when you are this far along in the pregnancy. Hopefully it's a smooth sale and you find a new great home just at the right time.