Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow much fun!

This past week (last Monday) we had our first snow.  We were expected to get four plus inches, but only got one and some change...with ice.  Temps were so low that most of the side roads that were not scraped, stayed snowy/icy, so kids were out of school ALL week.  It was a LONG week for all of us.  Justin was able to come home from work early on Tuesday and we all went sledding at a local park. While he was working, the kids and I played in the yard.

At Country Park - perfect for sledding!

Max had no fear on the sled and could have sled all day.  Claire, on the other hand, preferred to watch!

I am OVER this cold, wet weather and ready for warm sunshine!

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  1. This time of year I always feel bad for not buying my kids snow gear. I figure IF they use it, it will only be once or twice, so why waste the money? But when they beg to go play out in the snow and I say no because we don't have boots or pants I feel awful. Must remember this for future winters...All that to say, it looks like Max had a blast, and I'm like Claire - I'd rather watch from the side. :)