Friday, May 8, 2015

Kate's birth story

I have a few quiet moments and thought i would document Kate's birth day!  Kate was a scheduled c-section so I knew we would be going to the hospital at 8am Monday (May 4th) morning.  This was very different than my csection with Max and Claire because I actually went into labor with M and C and had an emergency section.   Once we arrived at the hospital, they took me back to get prepped for surgery then gave me a spinal.  I was a crying mess.  I was emotional on so many levels.

Getting ready to go in the OR
 All of the nurses were so wonderful.  They really calmed me down and talked to me through the whole surgery.  Justin kept them entertained as well ;).  I made sure there was a nurse and Justin on camera duty.
seeing Kate for the first time
Kate's first pic with Mom and Dad
Skin to skin with Mom
This was my favorite part about my experience with Kate.  As soon as she came out, she was handed to me for skin on skin.  She stayed the whole time they stitched me back up.  Then we were all taken to recovery and on the way was able to see our family members that were waiting to meet baby Kate!
on the way to recovery
While in recovery, Kate nursed for the first time.  She was a champ and nursed 50 minutes!!
meeting Grandma for the first time!
Aunt Darcy!

Max and Claire coming in from school to meet their baby sister!
Not quite sure what to think!
Max wanted to hold her first! Claire kept her distance, which surprised me.
Grandpa with all three of his grand kids
First picture of our family of FIVE!
Claire and Nanny
Mom has been a HUGE help for all of us.  She and Dad kept Max and Claire Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night and have done things during the day for either me or the kids. So thankful for her.  Also, thankful she will be able to help me next week when Justin will be back and work!

We had most of our visitors Monday afternoon.  My BFF since I was two drove from Wilmington just to meet Kate, then turn around ane drove back! 
Katie meeting Kate!
Later that afternoon, our pediatrician and dear friend, came to check Kate out.  
 Next up--bath!  Part of the newer mother baby they are doing at our hospital, is waiting for bath.  Kate didn't get her first bath until well over eight hours. Six hours is the minimum--then they have to keep body temp above 98.0 for two consectutive hours to get bath.  There is no more taking them to the nursery to get bathed, it's all in your room! Then after bath, you do skin to skin again!

bath time!!
foot prints
Overall our first night went great!  Kate continued to nurse well and we even got some sleep!
I'll try to post a little about the other days as well!


  1. I love the expressions on Max and Claire's face's! Priceless. Congrats again, you have a beautiful family!!!

  2. Congrats for a beautiful baby , such a beautiful pictures you have posted with a nice blog. Thanks for sharing here with us.

  3. She is beautiful and you look fantastic as well! Obviously Claire has warmed up to her, but Chloe wanted nothing to do with Drake in the hospital either. I hope your recovery is going well!

  4. Your baby is too cute..take care of her and god bless.