Monday, May 11, 2015

More about Kate!

Kate is a week old today!  She has been the best baby so far!  She gets an A+ on sleeping!  Girlfriend loves to sleep!  She pretty much only cries when she is hungry.  I am so in love with her.  She already has two nicknames.  We call her our little armadillo and squirt.  She loves to be all balled up, it's probably the same position she was in my tummy.  Squirt... well lets just say she is regular!

Going back a few days to when we were in the hospital...
 After day one, Claire was ready to be little mommy.  She wanted(s) to hold her ALL the time and talks to Kate in the sweetest mommy voice.

Buds loves holding Kate, but just for a minute.
He is still my baby boy!
this face!! I could eat it up! 
Selfie with the buds!
My incision has been very painful.  I mean VERY.  That has been the worst part of the past week. 
Next on that list would be breast feeding.  I am determined to breast feed Kate.  She did awesome day one, but by day two, I had cracked, bleeding and blistery nipples.  It was so bad the lactation consultant brought in a pump and some bottles and said to give my nipples a rest.  So... I've been pumping at least eight times a day, if not more. I have so much extra!
I went to a lactation appointment today and it went really well...although as soon as we got home, it's like I had stage fright and forgot everything i had just learned!  We will keep at it!

Thursday was going home day! Kate wore the same little gown Claire wore when she came home. She looks so much like her big sister!

I have been so swollen from all the fluids.  Today was the first day I saw a little bit of my ankle.  The past week it has been so swollen, I could only wear flip flops.  
Kate and I have been sleeping in our den.  Our bed is too high to get in and out of with my incision. It works well for us.  Justin set my pump up next to our laptop at one end of the sofa and I sleep at the other.  She is the best cuddler and loves to be all snuggled up on my chest.  She is mostly in the rock n play right now, but i'd be lying if I didn't say she hasn't slept on my chest a good bit too.  It's perfect and I've loved every second of it!

So blessed with our new family of five!

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