Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kate ~ 1 Month

Our little #3, Kate, is one month!  It feels like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital!
This first month has flown by.  She is the sweetest baby and really only cries when she is hungry.

Girlfriend likes to sleep!  She sleeps most of the day and not too bad at night.  Just this week, she has started to be more alert and having longer awake times,  She is, for the most part, on a three hour eating schedule.  We struggled the first two weeks with breastfeeding.  But, coming into the fourth week, we are figuring it out.  She normally nurses during the day and gets bottles in the middle of the night - still exclusively breast milk.

cute little piggies!
8lbs 11.5oz - 35%
21in - 44%

You have had a very busy first month... you have gone strawberry picking, to the pool, your first plane ride to NJ (post to come), first wedding, birthday parties.... basically you go with the flow and usually sleep right through it!
We have been extremely blessed with you and are loving each and every minute of watching you grow!

{still working on photo shoots ;) }

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