Thursday, June 4, 2015

Schools out..... for the summer!

Well, last Thursday was Max and Claire's last day of their 3's preschool.  They had a wonderful year and had a great end of year "report card".  Each year I love their teachers more and more.  I can't believe they only have one more year before they go to kindergarten!

First day of school 

Max: last day of school
My picture of them together and Claire by herself is floating around somewhere... it's MIA?

Claire with two amazing teachers: Ms. Leslie and Ms. Debbie

Max and Ms. Debbie

We have almost finished our first week of summer.  It's been rainy so we haven't really done much.  Next week they start swim camp -- we are all excited about that.  They have picked right back up from where they were last year, and I know this swim camp will not disappoint!  Plus, Kate and I will have some quiet time!!

They swim well without their puddle jumpers,but I still can't get in the pool bc of csection.

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