Saturday, April 25, 2015

38 weeks

Here we are at 38w1d.  I've managed to keep up going to the gym 4-5 days a week.  It's my "me" time.  It's starting to get uncomfortable so who knows how many more days I'll be going before she arrives.

Yesterday, the kids were acting out.  It made me so sad bc I so desperately want this last week to be perfect, fun and all about them.  I ended up dropping Max off at my Mom's house and took Claire for some one on one time.  We went to get our nails painted and then to Target. I let her pick out a present for baby sister.  She loves her one on one time!

I love her profile!
After we were finished, I went back to Mom's to get Max and go do something.  He wasn't interested. It took some convincing, then we were off to get one of his friends a bday present.  We were at TJMaxx and I wanted him to pick out something for baby sister too, but he wasn't interested.  He just wanted something for himself.  We will try again later this week to see if he wants to get her something!  Our time together wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so we are going back out this week to do something.

With my first babies!
How far along? 38w 1d
Total weight gain? 39 lbs
Cravings? veggies? kind of overdid the sweets :)
Movement?  Lots of rolling around
Symptoms? Contractions/Braxton Hicks... not sure which one, but definitely more frequent
What I miss???
What I look forward to? appointment this week (Tuesday) and meeting baby girl!

In other news -- we get our keys to the rental on Monday!  We will slowly move in this week, but will still bring #3 home to our house. Ahhhh... can't believe it is just a week away!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Full term!

Friday marked 37 weeks, full term!!  Two weeks from tomorrow, we will be meeting #3 (still no name).  We have finally marked one item off our to do list: found a rental!  That is huge!  I'm not sure we will be able to be all moved in before #3, but at least we have it.  I think we can move in next Monday, giving us a week to move things in.  I would really like to bring #3 home to our current house - the house we got engaged in, the house we came home to as a married couple, the house Max and Claire came home to.....   We have our 21st showing tomorrow.  Crossing my fingers this is the one!

36 weeks with Max and Claire
attractive, huh?! 37 weeks #3

How far along? 37 weeks 2 days
Total weight gain? 38 lbs
Symptoms? a few contractions
Movement? Yes.  My favorite was when she had hiccups and Max and Claire could feel!
Sleep? Last night was rough.  I was up b/t 1:30-3:30am - mind racing
What I look forward to? Appointment today(I had one last Tuesday and was 50% effaced)

I really want to soak up every last minute with Max and Claire before #3 comes.  Friday, we had two showings so I took the opportunity to take them to do fun things.  We went to see the movie, Home and later went to the Children's Museum.  I was happy to take them, however they were so bratty it took the enjoyment out of it.  Hoping this is a good week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

9 Months!

Oh.My.Word! Nine Months! 36 weeks! What?? Three weeks from tomorrow, our family of four will be a family of five! I'm still in shock and full of emotions.  As excited as I am for our family to begin this new chapter, I am terrified.  Three is going to be different.  No more just Max and Claire - my comfort--what I know.  I'm scared of how they are going to react, what the first few weeks will look like as we learn a new Fredrick routine
These past few weeks have been super hard with Max and Claire - mainly because our house is on the market and I feel like I am on top of them all the time about been clean, cleaning up their toys, not messing up their beds.... list goes on -- but what I want and need to be doing is soaking up every single minute I can with them.  Doing fun things.  Just the three of us.

36 weeks
Weight gain:  37 lbs
Symptoms:  a few contractions, spider and varicose veins :(
What I look forward to: agreeing on a name!

Had an appointment last tuesday.  I was sure she was going to say I had dilated some, but Nope! Everything is closed up!  I go again this Tuesday and will try to update, at least if something changes.

This Saturday, our good friends threw a couples cookout shower for us.  It was just perfect.  The hostesses went out of their way to make everything look awesome.  Delicious food, unique decorations and fabulous friendships!

Hard to see, but says Baby Fredrick and arrival date

invitation with some of the desserts

i loved this!

a paci tree!
With the hostesses
I wish I had a big group pic, but lucky I have the few I took with my phone.

My in-laws also came in town this weekend and were supposed to come to the shower, but ended up watching the kids.  Claire came down with a stomach bug :( .  She still doesn't feel well, but hasn't thrown up since the one time early Saturday morning.  Luckily she had some breaks where she felt better and was able to ride bikes and enjoy the sunshine!

watching her soccer game, wishing she was playing... but happy to be with Grandpa and Grandma!

Friday, April 3, 2015

35 weeks!

How far along? 35 weeks
Weight gain? I'm a cow - officially at the weight I delivered Max and Claire. ugh
Symptoms? some swelling in legs, pelvic pressure, braxton hicks
Cravings? been eating WAY too much sugar. actually think I'm getting tired of it!

Movement?  A lot.  I'm going to miss that feeling!
What I miss? Pre-baby body - didn't think I'd ever wish for that back!
What I look forward to? Appt this week (tuesday) This will start my weekly appointments!

Still no name. Ugh. And I have a little sprinkle this week so that means no monogram :(  Alice Katherine has been one of my favorite (She could have the same name Kate and William's possible baby girl!) tried to tell Justin that it was a sign, but he didn't buy it!  We still agree on one other name, which it will prob. be, but might as well keep that quiet since we have waited THIS long!

Only four more weeks til we meet #3! We have a second showing at our house tomorrow so hopefully we will have an offer!!