Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kate ~ 9 months

Two weeks late posting, but I actually took her pics on the 4th!  Little punkers is nine months.  She is so much fun and we are loving every minute with her.  She is on the move all the time.  I actually had to start baby proofing - something I never had to do with Max and Claire.  She goes straight for outlets and vent covers!  We finally got a rug for our family room so she spends more time on the floor with a lot more freedom.

She did not want her picture taken this month! All pics I have are either blurry or of her with a bunch of things to hold or to "occupy" her.

She is starting to follow some commands.  If you tell her "no" or say her name when she is getting into something, she just looks at you and smiles.  She can wave, but only does it when she wants too and it's the cute backwards wave.

She is a good eater.  She eats all the baby food I give her and has eaten all the big people food as well.  Last night she gobbled up green beans at dinner and had quite a bit of a quesadilla I made with cheese and hummus!

She's still a little peanut.  I look forward to her 9 month appointment to see how much she has grown. I got on the scale with her the other day and I think she is only 15 lbs! 15 lbs of pure sweetness!
Still working on sleeping through the night. Some nights she goes to bed at 7pm and will go until 2ish, but other nights, she is up at 11, 2, 5/6.  I am still breastfeeding and so happy it has gone so well with us.  I love nursing her to sleep every night and will be sad when that day comes to an end.
She has her two bottom teeth, but I have a feeling those top two aren't far behind.

She babbles a lot, mostly adadadada, still waiting for mama!  Max can get her laughing like no other, especially when we are in the car.  Claire adores her and wants to be with her 24/7. She will be a great mom one day.

Clothes: can still wear 3-6 month pants! I did go shopping yesterday for some 9 month pjs
Diaper: size 3

Our favorite thing she does right now is raise one or both hands when we say, "who in the number one punkers?!" She smiles big and raises her hands! (I started calling her punky/punkers around halloween when I was calling her pumpkin and it switched to punkers)

"who is the number one punkers?"

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