Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kate Lately!

I've been a slacker when it comes to blogging.  Kate turned 10 months (gasp!) on March 4th! I need to do her 10 month pics and post but she has a sinus/ear infection and her eyes are all gunky from the infection :(

She had her first sick appointment at the doctor.  I took her in for pink eye but he said it was a sinus infection that made it's way to her eyes and ears.  She is on meds for 10 days and will hopefully be better soon!

She did get weighed.  She is 16.5 lbs.  I'll be curious at her 9 month well baby (at 10 months) on the 16th, what her percentages are.  Claire was 18.5 lbs at 9 months and was in the 25 %.

Some first for Kate...

She is now pulling up on things, not yet walking around, but pulling up and standing on shorter things, i.e. laundry basket.

She has found the stairs....

She is waving and it is the cutest thing ever!

She clapped for the first time this morning (March 6th)

She gave me my first kiss! It was a perfect, open mouth baby kiss!! As soon as I gave Justin the phone to take a picture or video, she was done and ready for bed... figures!

I love watching her grow so much. She is just the most precious little punkers around!

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