Friday, March 11, 2016

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Last week Claire and Justin went to their first (of many) Daddy/Daughter dances!  I let Claire pick out her dress and she was so excited and had been counting down to the actual day.  Thankfully, Aunt Darcy was in town and could help with hair!

The sweetest!
She picked out the perfect dress! Bonus: it was great for twirling!

She loves getting all dolled up.  She asked for eyelashes, so I let her put a little mascara on!


They ate a delicious dinner, had an ice cream buffet for dessert, and danced into the night! (was home by 9:30) Claire said her favorite part of the night was running in circles with the other little girls!

While Justin and Claire were at the dance, I let Max choose anywhere he wanted to go for dinner.  I had planned on getting a sitter for Kate, but then Aunt Darcy came up so the four of us went to Max's choice: Chickfila :)

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