Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kate ~ 11 months

Little punkers is 11 months! That means in less than a month (bc I procrastinate) she will be ONE.

She is full of energy and on the go all the time!  She has found the stairs and heads that way as often as she can ... and she is quick!

We finally decided it was time for her to be sleeping through the night.  Actually, I've wanted it for a looong time, but was finally tired enough to make it happen! It started when she woke up after only being asleep two hours and wanted to nurse.... NOPE. so she cried and cried for over an hour until i finally gave in.  Night two we both did better.  She woke up twice, but didn't fuss for long.  She made it until 6am! We have had two successful nights, and hope for more!

She claps, waves, plays peek-a-boo and does her #1 punkers hand raise all the time!  She loves to laugh and is genuinely a happy baby.  She says dada all day.  She has looked at Justin and said it, but she also says it all her conversations.  I think she says "bye bye" and sometimes it sounds like she is saying "all done".  She is starting to pick up on some sign language.  She signs "more" and "all done"

She loves food.  Some new favorites are: eggs, waffles, broccoli sticks (mix of potato and broccoli), oatmeal and apple slices.

She has four teeth and two side teeth coming in.
She is our little punky. She still wears mostly 6-9 month clothes.

She had her first swim lesson on April 2nd.  She LOVED it and did great!  She is signed up for three more!

I absolutely love every second I get with her.

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