Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kate ~ 10 Months

Out little punkers is 10 months (and 13 days)! She had her 9 month appointment yesterday so I have stats to add!
She may be tiny, but she is FULL of personality.  I absolutely love watching her grow and so sad the baby stage will be leaving soon.

I was starting to worry she was behind, but the a few days after worrying, she started clapping, waving, pulling up on things, and getting into EVERYthing! As we know, they will do things on their on time and when they are ready.  She has even found the stairs ~ yikes! She has made her way up two, before I get her down.  She loves to play in the pantry and make a mess and has recently discovered the lazy susan cabinet that I left open.  She pretty much likes to play with anything but her baby toys!

We are still working on that whole sleep thing! She is a great napper and does sleep at night, but still wakes up every 3-5 hrs.... which leads me to nursing her back to sleep.  I said we were going to sleep train once we moved, but that has yet to happen.  I haven't been ready.  However, with her first birthday fast approaching, I think it is time.  Plus, I would love to have a weekend getaway (much needed) with Justin and I'm not doing that until she will sleep through the night. << quite the incentive!

She loves food, mostly finger food, but will tolerate purees.  She likes to do things herself. Her favorites are cheese, pancakes, egg (yolk), puff things.  She likes to hold onto an apple slice and will eat most of it.  She has tried blueberries and strawberries, but i think they are too tart for her....they end up on the floor!  She usually eats what we have for dinner and does a good job!  She loves the 21 day fix meatloaf!! and Pizza crust is her fave!
I still breastfeed her 5-6 times a day and still have a freezer full of milk.

Max and Claire are a great big brother and sister.  Max makes her laugh all.the.time and is great at giving her space...Claire, loves to be touching her or picking her up 24/7, but is so sweet to her.

playing in my closet. loves to climb on this box and get into the laundry

#1 punkers. she raises her hand when you ask, "who is the #1 punkers?" It is the cutest thing ever!

Getting into the pantry
Her stats:
16 lbs (8%)
27.2 in (12%)
size 3 diapers
wears mostly 6-9 mo clothes

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