Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kate's First Birthday Party

I'm a lot late posting about her special day, but here we are!  Since we haven't lived in Cary long, we just kept it small and had mostly family.  Our babysitter and one of our best friends came as well.

Her theme was pink and gold.  I loved how everything turned out and liked how intimate her day was.

I decorated these cool wine glasses with glitter and mod podge!

cute glasses from Target

birthday chair!
Our baby!

Fredrick Five!
My number one punkers!
Waiting patiently for cake :)


sharing cake with Mom!

Presents are fun!

Love my new wagon, especially riding with my cousin, Ann Grace!

Cruisin in my new car!
Love Nanny and Poppy!

A whole lotta pink!
Grandpa and Grandma are the best!
babysitter Lisa!

One of Mom's best friends, Liz!
Her party was great! I still have a hard time realizing our baby girl is ONE! Time slow down!

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