Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kindergarten, here we come!

Max and Claire's last day of Prek was May 19th.  This last year went by so fast.  I'm really sad they weren't with CEC, the preschool they have been with since 10 months, but the end of the year program at St. Pauls was nice.
The PreK classes had a little program singing songs then got a certificate from their teachers afterward.

They will miss seeing their buddies every day! They really made some great friends at their new school
Ms. Gwen and Ms. Pam

I had an end of the year conference with their lead teacher.  Claire got all M's (mastered-see most of the time) and only had trouble with recognizing three lower case letters.  She said she is prepared for Kindergarten.  I did find it funny that she said Claire really liked talking to the teachers and often had to be redirected to go back to her center or with her peers.... that didn't surprise me one bit. I'm thinking she was getting bored.  Her favorite part of the day was anytime she was doing something art related.  I know she will do great in Kindergarten and love the new challenge.
My big girl! 5 going on 15!

 Max did well on his review, too.  He got mostly M's but a few E's (emerging - see occasionally) He had a bit of trouble recognizing letters.  I think he knew more than they said, he just isn't as confident in himself. Teacher also said he gets along well with peers but had to be redirected at times.
We have decided to put them in different Kindergarten classes next year.  I will be interested to see how they flourish when given the opportunity to be themselves.

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  1. We had the twins split for 3 yo pre-k last year, and I'm sad that I ever put them back in the same class. Brady thrived so much when he didn't have his sister bossing him around and mothering him. I'm excited to see how your kiddos do next year in kinder split up. It was a great decision for ours, but I know not everyone is the same.