Monday, February 13, 2017

Sixth birthday party!

This year we celebrated Max and Claire's sixth birthday party at Lifetime Fitness.  They had a few of their classmates and three friends from Greensboro come up.  I think this has been their best birthday party yet! Lifetime took care of every detail and all the kids behaved! Win/win for me!

We were in the gym and the kids had a bounce house, rock wall, balls and these wheelie things.  They had planned on organized games, but the kids were having so much fun doing everything else, we skipped them!

Six year old, Claire!


The big guy, Max!

Punky watching the climbers!

Can't believe my babies are six! Crazy how the days are so hard and long, but the years are way too fast.

Claire is like me.... I get embarrassed when people sing "Happy Birthday"


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