Friday, February 3, 2017

Max and Claire ~ Six year old edition!

Whoever said the days are long but the years are short was spot on.  There are so many days I feel will never end, then I blink, and it's been a week, month, year, and my babies are now half way through Kindergarten.
Kate loves cuddling with Max!

Max, oh the buds!  He is our big guy!  He has a heart of gold, is sensitive, loves to play outside, especially riding his bike, short tempered, loves ipad/tv time and is doing good in Kindergarten.  I split Max and Claire up for Kindergarten.  I think Max has flourished.  He has found his voice and his own friends.  He seems to like math more than reading/writing (me too!).  We work on sight words and reading every day and he is getting much better.  I think we need to work on confidence.  He is often correct, but doesn't say out loud for fear of getting wrong.
He starts basketball tomorrow! We are so excited! He took a six week (once a week) golf lesson at school and loved that and has been to two BMX riding classes!

Max's six year old stats:
Height: 51.25" (off the chart by an inch!)
Weight: 60 lbs 95%
In clothes he wears a seven and I believe size 3 shoe!
He has lost SIX teeth!

My mini me!
Claire Bear, our little diva and mini me! This girl has personality!  She is the energizer bunny - goes, goes, goes.  She is a great big sister, LOVES art, people pleaser, loves to sing and dance, loves school.  Claire seems to like reading/writing better than math.  She has good handwriting and rocks her sight words! She can read most BOB books and we are working on level one books.  Since she is my mini me, we often but heads :)
Claire has been enjoying a hip hop class and has expressed interest in swim lessons.

Claire's six year stats:
Height: 47.75"  88% (big growth spurt!)
Weight: 50.2 lbs 76%
She mostly wears size small or a 6/7 and a size 1 shoe.
She has lost two teeth

We are having a small birthday party next weekend at our gym with rock wall climbing and relays/games.  Max asked for a transformer for his bday (got it!) and Claire wants her ears pierced! We have an appt on Feb. 7th!

I need to come back to add in their questionnaire like last year.

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