Sunday, January 31, 2010

Funday Sunday!

Today was pretty productive... great 60 min workout at gym, yummy lunch, mopped the kitchen and got to spend time with Mom. I have been wanting to actually go to the movies for a long time and thought it would be the perfect day to have some girl time. We went to see "It's Complicated".
It was sooooo good!!! Mom laughed so hard! I can't wait to watch it again! I wish I actually took the time to go to more movies - they are so much better in the theater.

School is canceled tomorrow with an optional teacher workday - optional being the operative word... Sure, if you decide to take the day, you have to use a sick or personal day. I think that is stupid! I get it if the roads are clear, BUT my road is almost pure ice.. and we are in the city!
I was planning on taking the day anyways bc tomorrow we go to Dr. Deaton for an IUI. I am nervous and excited. Nervous bc it is not the most comfortable, but excited about the possible outcome!! It is all in God's hands now! Prayers please!!!

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