Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pouty Pants

Yep, that's me.... because we are supposed to be doing this
but because of this

we are doing this


Tonight was dinner club at Anna and Bernie's. As much as I love a good snow, I was so looking forward to our chili themed dinner club. We missed November and December dinner clubs and I had already made the chili and artichoke dip to take over tonight. After lots of convincing, Justin and I were in the truck on the way to their house. I knew it was not a good idea so I finally gave in and told him to turn around... it just wasn't worth it. Heaven forbid something happen. He promised that if we didn't go, we could play games. We played Yahtzee, Rummy, Wii tennis and guitar hero.
Why could it have not of snowed like this on a weekday so we would miss work?
Putting pouty pants aside, my wittle bud had fun in the snow today and has been a very good boy!

Ok. I am about to lose it. I am trying to paste a picture of Coltrane and it is not letting me.
We'll try here.
Maybe not.
Not my night.
Ugh. still no working
Just out of annoyance, I am posting another post.

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