Friday, January 22, 2010


Yay for Fridays!
Today has been about guilt and food! Had a dr. appoint with Dr. Deaton's office - did an u/s and blood work. Very uncomfortable today and turns out my blood work was low. They upped my medicine to four vials (when I first started back in August, I was doing one and two- this is my first time doing 4). My welt, that was three littles, has turned into one big one. Last night I tried to do a workout video and it was not comfortable.... the welt is on my tummy rolls!!
Anyways to the good part- Food!- So my appt was at 10:30 and finished in time for lunch! Have you ever had Penn Station subs? YUM-O! I got the artichoke sub with mushrooms!! OMG.. as my friend Kristy would say "I had a party on my taste buds!!!" My co workers were just as impressed! (Guilt #1). As if that wasn't enough food - I got in to a hi-energy fruit and nut mix(guilt #2) I bought at the beginning of the week.. was I hungry? NO. But I wanted it. Had all intentions to go to the gym tonight but Justin called and wanted to get a beer with our friend Jay. So, without to much arm twisting I landed at the bar. Have you tried the new bud 55? A little watered down, but for 55 calories, not bad! Then we ended up meeting Elizabeth and Sydney at a Mexican rest. Who can resist chips and queso? Not this one! (Guilt #3)
I was actually pondering doing a workout video or even possibly going to the gym.. but as I type this, I am in my pjs...thinking about cookies!!
Tomorrow is another day!
Have a good weekend )

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