Sunday, February 21, 2010


1.  Justin has shaved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.  We had a beautiful, warm and sunny weekend!
3.  Coupon queen!

What a beaut of a weekend we have had!  It was sunroof down, run in the park and open window weather!!
Saturday  I had my Food Assistance delivery which was powered by my new favorite breakfast
I really enjoy the people we deliver to.  It reminds me of how thankful I am for all we do have. When I came home I decided a run was in my near future.  I headed to the park and ran 4 miles!  It felt great :)  Went and got a manicure :) came home and attempted to bake low fat sugar cookies.. they weren't horrible but they weren't the best low fat dessert I have ever made. I still have dough left so I might make them and add an icing... icing makes anything better..right?!

Then made a big pot of taco soup.. thought we were heading to the Reaves house but decided we were tired and rented a movie instead.  "Funny People" isn't so funny!


This morning Justin brought home this hunk of goodness

which resulted in a butt kicking workout at the gym!!
Then off to Costco and the grocery store!  Sundays are my favorite bc I love grocery shopping - especially when I get good deals like today :)
Costco deals: Asparagus $3.99 , 12 pack of Dove $7.43, mega jar of almond butter $5.80 (can you believe how cheap? a small jar at HT is like $5.99), 6 pack of peppers, mega jar of cinnamon and oregano for like $2.75, extra gum variety pack and some brown rice chips!!

Harris Teeter was have mega double coupons up to $1.98!! I saved $54 this visit :)

I think a couple of things ended  up being FREE!! Oh.. two Purex detergents for $2.97 - never used this brand before so I hope I like it!

All this shopping made me tired so we had a quick and easy dinner: turkey burgers and potatoes

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