Monday, February 22, 2010

New find!  True Delights oatmeal.  There are two flavors:  Blueberry muffin and Hazelnut latte.  I had all intentions in trying the blueberry but HT was sold out so Hazelnut it was!  .. and I wasn't let down.  It was A+
It was the perfect texture for me along with the added blueberries, bananas, almond butter and cottage cheese!

Oh.. for my morning snack I took a new greek yogurt (I think the brand was Siggy) and GAG! it was so sour.  I had to throw it away!  Lunch was more roasted veggies in a wrap with hummus and apple for afternoon snack.  I was really hungry today..wishing I had more! 
When I got home I decided to make some guac for a pre-dinner snack :)

then decided I wanted asparagus and wanted to use my asparagus steamer that we got for our wedding 
*note: we got married in July 07, this was my favorite item on the registry, and this was my first time using!

Monday's I have business meetings at 7 so I have to make a quick dinner.  Tonight I gave Justin the choice of Tilapia? or breakfast?  He chose breafast so I made him eggs, bacon and cinnamon toast and I had and egg on a sandwich thin and some more roasted veggies!

think this is over cooked?!

My meeting ended up being canceled so I decided to give the low fat sugar cookies one more try!

I added some icing this time and I think it made it much tastier!
After all this food and a canceled meeting I  just had to do some form of exercise... so Slim in 6 it was!  I tell ya.. it is a hell of a workout!! I better have that beach body they promised by summer!

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