Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wine Down Wednesday

 Love Wednesdays!!  For one, it is close to Friday, two- Harris Teeter rolls out the weekly special and three.. wine down Wednesdays at Village Tavern!

Wednesday Starter: Kashi Go Lean and Fiber One (rabbit pellets) with blueberries, nanners and cinnamon
with sandwich thins with pb and honey and sf blackberry perserves

Lunch was a small portion of leftovers and a very small piece of Domino's pizza (not worth it).  Came home from work and did the Burn it up session from Slim in 6.  Great full body workout!  While doing the video I whipped up one of these
No, I did not eat all of that.. I already cut a portion out to give away. I am sure I will take the rest of it to work tomorrow.  

Tonight's dinner was Girls Night Out with London and Heather at Village Tavern.  I had Thai Chicken skewers and man were they good!! oh.. and  I guess I should add I had 3 omg 3 glasses of wine!... why wouldn't you? it's half off?!  I love wine!  I really wish there were some pics.. didn't want to be "that" person, but I could of taken a few pics!!

Oh.. Lent!! I finally decided on two things
1.  I will read (and hopefully Justin too) The Power of a Praying Wife (Husband) every night
2.  NO french fries or fried chips.. oh my!! that will be hard.. but much needed :)

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  1. you are such an inspiration! my hubby and i are trying to get healthier this year and i'm giving up french fries for lent too!!xoxo