Sunday, March 7, 2010


Delicious dinner at Mom and Dads.  Tonight's menu included: Filet Mignon with portabello mushrooms, Broc, Orzo, and Mom bought some Brussel Sprouts for me to try.  I have been wanting to try these brussels but could never get the courage.. but they were great good. We used to go to their house every Sunday but it gets to be a lot with their dog Max (nick name - hairy fairy fatty) and my brother's two dogs: Sammy from Miami and Freddy.  They are all gorgeous Golden's but so not well behaved. It's a mad house!
Maxi Man aka Hairy Fairy Fatty
Sammy from Miami (how cute is he?)
A LOT of dog: Max, Sam and Fred

Today after getting a new battery for my scale, and not weighing for a week was an eye opener!  I have gained quite a few extra lbs in the past few months.  I truly believe most of it is from the fertility drugs, however I have gotten a little slack in my food tracking and counting points.  Tomorrow will be a new day and I will start tracking again and staying within my daily points allowance.  

Oh... the church bulletin reminded me of "springing forward" next weekend!! I can't wait til Spring, sun, blue skies, pretty flowers, open windows.....

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