Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He made it!

A full night sleep!!!  As soon as I put his bed in the sunroom he went in!  It felt so good to have a night without waking up at 2:30 and having trouble falling asleep.  I went to check on him this morning and he was just hanging out in his room!!

For Breakfast I went back to Bob's oatmeal.  It was nice for a change.  I added the usual blue and strawberries, banana, pb/ab, cottage cheese and the last of the wheat berries. 

I uploaded the pics so I could blog at work  but now they won't move! oh well.
Another long day at work.. brought my own dinner tonight and hoping to walk the track during break.
Maybe some Feeney's for dessert!! You get a small cup for $3 if you tell them you are a Feeney's Facebook Fanatic... that I am!

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