Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tonight was the start of our Seniors presenting their senior projects that they have been working on all year.  They have been so stressed and nervous these past two weeks.  It was so cute to see them tonight all dressed up and professional looking. 
I had to plan my food accordingly since I did not get to go home at all today.  For lunch I had a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with spinach, dijonaise, a tad of guac and a little fresh mozz.  with a side of Stacy's Pita chips.
I had all intentions in bringing dinner - but, as usual, there was no extra time in my morning routine.  So I had a small serving of lasagna with a side salad and well..... an oatmeal cookie.  We ate at like 5:30 so I needed a little bowl of cheerios when I got home after 8:45.
The projects were so good.  Our first kid actually made a guitar.  It was awesome and even looked better than the ones in the store.  We also learned about knitting, horse driving, auto mechanic, disease, aviation, tennis for africa and how to make mosaics.  Even though I am super tired and did not get to go to the gym... I look forward to tomorrow's group of students!

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