Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today is my Thursday.  Woo Hoo!!  I am so looking forward to Spring Break!  Today was busy with more senior projects.  Today while waiting for them to begin, I took a 38 min run around the school.  really I just ran up and down the parking lot. Fun, I know!  gotta do what ya gotta do... and the weather was an added bonus!
Have to show a quick pic of my lunch.  It was so yummy. I love roasted veggies!
Today one of our custodians, Rosita, reminded me that I told her I would make a cake for her bday.  I love any opportunity to make a cake followed by the mandatory licking of the bowl. Ya know you do it too!  Anyways, I made a german chocolate and I'll put a powdered sugar icing.... still trying to keep it lower fat.  I made her her own special mini bundt and I'll take the bigger for the students.
Of course I had a little taste and it wasn't so bad.  this was made with yogurt and egg whites.  Real icing would make this even better!

Tomorrow is the day.  I'll give an update after we return from Dr. D's office.

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