Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Is today only Tuesday?  I feel like it should be Thursday!  After a long day of work I made it to the park for a nice run.  I love this park, a little hilly, but a good run. We usually do a small loop that connects to a big loop.  Well today there was a detour.  It was like they were unpaving (is that even a word!) the road so it was real bumpy and there was a strong smell of trucks and tar - this led me to a detour where I was able to run by a McDonalds, Applebees, and Herbies( a breakfast joint).  It just added a few minutes to my run, which probably is not a bad thing right now! 

After the run I headed back to school to watch the girls Lacrosse team.  I have never been to one before so I had a lot to learn!

Since J had a dinner meeting I headed to Earth Fare in search of Nooch.  After reading all about it, it was time to give it a whirl!  I also picked up some guiltless gourmet chips (out of this world!), a travel pack of Maple Almond butter and they had a special going today for a FREE pineapple! YIPEE!! I love FREE and I love Pineapple!  winner winner chicken dinner!!

Dinner was a veggie wrap that had peppers, spinach and some bean salad with a side of spinach topped with nooch.  Great dinner and the nooch is pretty good!!
I had some of this goodness with a little hummus while dinner was heating up!
Many things to do right now...gots to get busy!

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