Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We're starting to get some growth!

Do you see the color on these babies!!! I am so excited!! I can't wait to try one.  If I get one tasty one, I might have to go buy another plant and an actual strawberry pot! This is big news!!

So today I went to Dr. D's for blood work and an u/s to check for cysts and start getting ready for IVF.  Well, I had one.  He said I can still do the triathlon, just take it easy this week while the birth control kicks in.  Today they gave me a packet explaining IVF and the whole process. SCARY!! We are going tomorrow night for a Q & A and then we will make our final decision about moving forward on May 8th!  I have been saying many prayers asking for guidance.  This is a big deal and a big step for us.

After work I wen to the gym for a mile walk and strength class.  Let's just say my ba-dunk-a-dunk is going to be so sore tomorrow!! I may need help sitting!! ha! 
Had a simple dinner of 1/2 a chicken breast with a side of steamers (broc and cheese with rice) and I added some wheat berries and red peppers!

Then I decided I needed to try Soap and Chocolate's Chocolate and Avocado pudding!  I randomly decided to throw in some spinach. 
hmmm.. it was ok! I probably ruined it by adding the spinach.  I just had a few bites. It was worth the try but not what I was in the mood for!

Oh.. quick funny story.  So today I had to get all my vitals checked at Dr. D's.  The last thing I wanted to do was get on the scale after lunch and wearing a jean skirt!  So I told the nurse I needed to go pee first and while I was in there I thought I should take off my bracelet and watch.. I mean, who doesn't? it's added weight I don't need to see!! well, apparently I left them in the br and not in my purse and Dr. D picked them up! oops! they started laughing when I told them why they were in the br!! maybe you had to be there but it was a good laugh :)


  1. Your story cracked me up- um..yes I make sure to take my shoes off before I get on the scale and also ask I we can shave off a pound or two of water weight :)

    Love the strawberries- can't wait for our garden to grow!

  2. LOL. That's pretty funny. I'm always looking for ways to reduce that number on the scale! LOL