Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's finally here!

Can you believe it?  I can't!! Tomorrow at 11 I'll be in Dr. D's office for, what's hopefully, my last appointment!! 

A childhood friend's mom called me tonight to tell me she was thinking about me and would be praying for me.  I can't tell you how much that meant to me!!  Her daughter, my friend, went to the same doctor and is now 20 weeks pregnant!! HOPE and FAITH!

I finally charged my camera and here are the only two pics I got from our dinner last night.
 Asparagus Risotto
It was all delish..maybe a little on the oily side, but good nonetheless!  

This morning i was in the mood for an egg and asparagus - this is what I came up with!
so tasty!!

When I got home I mowed the grass.  It was so pretty outside and I can't go for a run so that was my fall back.  Justin didn't want me to go on a walk either.  (He was afraid I would try to overdo it)  I know he is trying to help, but a leisurely walk was fine and still much in order.  After this delish dinner I took Coltrane on a mile walk.  Any walk with him is guaranteed to be snail slow.  And it was!
Stir Fry veggies
with a side of brown rice and bison mini burgers!
topped with smoked mozzarella!!

have you ever had bison?  i love it!  It is very, very lean and has a ton of protein!

It's time for quiet and sleepytime tea :)

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