Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's officially summer!!

....for me! The Pool opens today :) Woo Hoo!!  I love going to the pool in the summer time.  I am lucky to have the summers off so that is where I spend most of my time relaxing and reading books.  I'm thinking today will be crazy busy being the first day so I'll lay out (weather permitting) on my deck with my new beach chair I bought yesterday!

Speaking of yesterday.... the transfer went great! Dr. D said it was picture perfect and it is out of our hands now.  so now we wait.....  It was really weird and definitely not the time to be modest.  In this tiny room you would find a computer, me in stirrups, a chair for the hubs, two nurses and two doctors.  They did an ultrasound while transferring and we were supposed to see the eggs drop in, but it was so fast and microscopic tiny we missed it. BUT we have an u/s picture and a picture of the two eggs that went back in. Hopefully the beginning of a pregnancy scrapbook! (for some reason typing that last sentence had me tear up! this is so real! and could FINALLY be happening!)  I have a good feeling this time.  Thanks to so many of my friends and family who were thinking about and praying for us yesterday and through this whole journey! (and my fertility necklace!)
Mom spent the day with me bc she was afraid i would do to much.  We laid in the sun, made some chocolate chip meringues, and she went through my dresser and cleaned it out!  She thinks I have way to much stuff and I had to sit there while she told me what was going to trash or Bargain Box (local thrift store).  we only did 4 out of 5 drawers ( was not ready to hit the overflowing t shirt drawer) and we have one bag of trash and one trash bag full of donations! 
Chocolate Chip Meringues
Mom didn't read the directions all the way and beat the egg whites and cocoa instead of fold!
I forgot to take a final picture but they turned out pretty good.  Not as melt in your mouth light and fluffy as the ones we had at the Farmer's Market. She left them here bc she wasn't satisfied! 
They are a great, low fat dessert!

Justin has to work today so after this breakfast I am heading to Target for a new bathing suit cover and Pet Smart for dog food and treats.
Arnold's Sandwich thins with reduced sugar blueberry preserves and an egg!

If it is still nice out, I may soak up some rays (with sunscreen :) ) and get a mani/pedi!  If I can't go to the gym, I have to keep busy pampering myself? no?!

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