Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fredrick's Country Club

Last night was our turn to host dinner club.  Each month a couple will host and choose a theme.  We decided to do a golf/country club theme!  Everyone, well most everyone, came dressed in polo's, saddle shoes, Lilly Pultizer, pearls and bermuda shorts.  We served heavy hourderves and it was all fabulous!  Justin wanted to make jello shots and I told him that wasn't very country clubish.... but he said it was at ours!  Don't even get me started on the two jars of moonshine that was consumed!
I got a great deal on these beautiful sunflowers that were perfect for our theme
Made Noble Pig's mini red potatoes (her's looked so much better!)
Lots of cornhole was played
We have such an amazing group of friends!  Justin woke up feeling the fun he had last night.  And I felt the same even though I did not drink a drop.
He got his first Father's Day card, breakfast and stayed on the couch to nap and watch World Cup while I was eating lunch with my Papa (grandfather).  We enjoyed a nice bbq lunch and I came right home to get back in bed for three hours! Tonight we went and had a yummy steak dinner with Mom and Dad and the guys were glued to the golf.
Love my dad!!


  1. How much fun is that?! I want a dinner club. :(

  2. This is such a fun party idea! I've been to a "country club" frat party, but it was nowhere near as cute as this. I love that dress on you!

  3. looks perfect! the dresses are adorable!