Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I spy

Apparently I am growing raspberries and blackberries behind our deck?
Who knew?

Should I eat them?  My friend Katie said it looked like poison ivy mixed in?? I have no idea....but it is kind of cool.  there are a ton of berries!!

Today was another scorcher!  The forecast called for a sunny day so I greased and packed up and was headed to the pool....until it was overcast.  Boo... so I went to lunch with Brooke!  The sun was out when I got home so I pretended I was at the pool in my back yard!

Pregnancy update.  Can't wait for our appt next Monday to hear the heartbeat(s).  We are so excited to skype Justin's sister to tell her the news.  She has been in Australia since March.
The past few days I have been getting "morning" sickness in the evening.  It seems to hit around 5:30 and can last til I go to bed.  Not complaining bc I am so happy to be pregnant, but I won't be mad when it goes away.  My friend Susan said it best.. you feel like a constant hangover. Yep. that is a perfect way to describe my feelings!  I have also noticed that I go for major carbs to feel better.  Tonight we had loaded baked potatoes!  Hit the spot!  Still not into sweets, however I am going to try bananas again tomorrow morning.  
Still haven't gained any weight! actually lost a few probably due to the lack of appetite.
Actually went to the gym today.  It felt great to be active!!

Have you checked out the new cooking channel?! I'm super excited!

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