Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Still have a boring palette - which is very weird for me.  I usually have no problem deciding what to eat or want to much.  After a few bites, it's still like eh!
Thought I would bring back the grits to see if that helped
grits with a scrambled egg and one piece of bacon
This did nothing for me. Running late for work what's new so grabbed a frozen lean cuisine of baked ziti with a side of green beans.  Dinner I picked up some pork chops and heath bar cookies at The Fresh Market.  This was paired with mash potatoes and spinach.
 i mixed in some edamame beans
I ended up giving most of the meat to Justin. 

Went to Barnes and Nobles tonight to get a birthday present for my FIL.  I love walking around that store...the smell of new books..ahhhh.!!!!  Then went to Halmark in search of the perfect card.  Found it!
Have you ever seen the Hoops and YoYo cards? OMG! They are hilarious!!! Can't forget to mail tomorrow!

Two more days til the weekend!!!!!!! yipeee!

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