Sunday, August 29, 2010

16 weeks

Last week I did the 15 week profile and survey late and nothing has changed since then so I am not doing another survey.
16 Weeks
Confession.  I have been sucking in a little.  It is what I am used to doing.  Tonight I did both so I could see the difference.
This weekend was about me :)
Saturday I relaxed by the pool while finishing my latest James Patterson book, got a mani/pedi and had a nice dinner with friends.  Considering there is only one more weekend left for the pool to be open, it made sense to go again today!  It was beautiful.  I also realized it was time to update my wardrobe with my growing belly.
I went to Target and only left with clearance t-shirts and tank tops

Then went to Motherhood in search of skirts and pants
There were actually quite a few pants/capris that I really liked, but I went with a budget and needed to stick to it!  Two pairs of pants that can be worn for work or play and a pair of cuffed denim capris.  I was hoping to find a cute top but nothing jumped out at me.  
It would be nice if Greensboro had more than one Maternity store (besides Target and Kohls).

OH! I also got a call yesterday that I won a gas card from a local builder!  They catered lunch at our school and if we went for a tour of their model home, our name was entered into a drawing!! Woot Woot! It came at a great time since I am on E :)

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  1. Old Navy in Burlington also has a good maternity section ... the only one around here that I know of. : )