Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last summer we remodeled much of our house.  However - we didn't get to finish bc we were over budget :(
BUT the time has come to finish what we started!
Today's projects included installing two new fans, one in the bedroom and one in the den and blowing installation and boards in the attic so we would have more storage.  The fans look so much better than the 80s style fans that were in when we bought the house!

Tomorrow we are installing new bathroom counter tops.  Can't wait!!

These were not the counter tops I picked out last year, but we got a super, super deal.... like less than $100 for both of them!  I think the ones I looked at last summer would have cost over $1000.  One of Justin's friends hooked us up!!!

I'm thinking this weekend we will put everything back in the attic and think about switching guest rooms to get ready for cribs! oh my!

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