Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Gear

Last night I drug Justin to a Moms of Multiple consignment sale.  We were going in hopes of finding a good deal on a jogging stroller.  We left with nothing and feeling very overwhelmed.  Poor Justin, he was one of the only men there!  He was my research guy so I needed him :)  I think the trip would have been more productive if we knew the genders.
He had promised if we were there less than an hour, he would take me out for Mexican! (he would have anyway)   Oh, the Mexican was so good.. but I ate my body's weight of chips.  Left feeling miserable.  On the way home, I knew we would be passing Babies R Us so J was sweet enough to walk around for a few to make me feel better :)  We looked at pack and plays, high chairs and some other fun things!

Only 19 more days til we find out the gender of our babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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